YoPickles Guide To Getting A Tattoo In Korea

YoPickles Guide To Getting A Tattoo In Korea

taught by Chelsea "YoPickles"

Course description

Welcome to YoPickles' Guide To Getting A Tattoo In Korea.

This guide includes the booking fee for her connection and consulting time with you, to get you your dream tattoo design here in Korea.

Chelsea "YoPickles"
Social Media Influencer and Content Creator


YoPickles here :)

OK, so I've been live streaming video from various apps for the last seven YEARS! You could say I know a few things about it..

I live stream full time now, after leaving my teaching job in South Korea.

I make a full time living from live streaming, and I'm highly sought after around the world as a "go to" person and a presenter at social media talks and conferences throughout the year.

In this course I'll talk about things I've learnt along the way from different blogs and internet searches...

* How to take your live streaming to another level.

*How to organize your live streaming brand. 

* Show you how to get free products, hotels upgrades, free flights/upgrades.

* How to work with brands and sponsors. 

* Putting together your pitch deck

It's time to take your hobby to the next level!

Watch the first 2 videos for free below! 

See you on the inside!